08 September 2021



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25 August 2021

WOYWW 638 - Alcohol Inks

A very early Good Morning from a still dark Pembrokeshire.  After a few weeks of actually getting some decent sleep, I am back to waking early.  I blame both the cold/bug/Fibromyalgia flare that has been troubling me since last Thursday (giving me a high temperature, headaches, nausea at times) and also worrying about our last week of the house renovation.

I would love to say that I have been doing lots of crafting since my last WOYWW post (which is What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday and you can join in HERE).  However, that is not true.  I went to a craft workshop where we played with alcohol inks - and the results from that are still laid out on my crafty table.  The only other crafting (and that was only one session in front of the tv) has been some needle felting.  I am really looking forward to having the time and energy to sit down in my lovely craft room (by the way - the Ikea Kallax peg board doors have not been finished either!).

I missed WOYWW last week, as we had a day out to South Wales.  A track day for electric cars in the morning at the circuit near Cowbridge, and then onto Barry for grandson's 3rd birthday (where we walked to one of the nearby parks - so many lovely parks in Barry - for the kids to cycle around and go on the playground).

I haven't been to my usual Scrapbooking workshop on Fridays for a couple of weeks, and starting to do a cardmaking class on Tuesdays from September (plus the usual papercraft/mixed media classes at weekends, fortnightly), so might drop the Fridays from my calendar.  I need to remember that I am meant to be earning some money with my digital designing, so cannot be gallivanting off to craft workshops too often!

We did a few techniques with the alcohol inks - a ceramic tile and a little ceramic pot (shown in close up after I took the cling film off), plus some shaving foam stuff on mountboard.

We had another day out on Monday - had to take our Jaguar to the dealership in Swansea for its first MOT.  They needed the car all day, so we arranged to test drive the new Landrover Defender (which was very impressive and we would be buying one if they had an electric version already).  We went out to the Gower for a few hours - such a beautiful area, but too busy for us at this time of year.  We had some lunch down at Oxwich Bay and a walk in the dunes (where I totally failed to remember to take any photos!).  Here is the Defender (with reflection of the cottage we were parked next to - I spotted some Welsh ponies with a foal in a field, so stopped to take photos)

My stepdaughter and 2 grandchildren move into our rental house on Sunday and there is still lots to do in the house (the builders were delayed by a plumber not turning up when arranged).  Therefore, I am either at the house checking on progress/cleaning round/dropping off stuff that I have ordered like the blinds and curtains, or worrying about it !  Once it is all finished, by the end of September I hope, I will be taking a few days off.

I hope everyone is well and getting more craft time than me.

Ali x

14 August 2021

A Fantastic Tool For Every Home - but especially if you live with Chronic Pain

One job that we all struggle with in the home is moving heavy furniture and other items.  Since my Fibromyalgia got worse (and now diagnosed with Osteoarthritis too), I tend to avoid the cleaning where I need to move furniture, ie in our bedroom.

However, it became urgent when Milky the Cat recently brought fleas into the house.  Check out my Instagram Stories to see what I am using for flea control.  I needed to move the heavy furniture in our bedroom to hoover behind and underneath, and this is by myself.  We also have a really deep carpet in there.  I did try to move our super king bed, but it didn't shift even a millimetre!  Therefore, I got the EZ Moves out of the cupboard, and then it was relatively easy to move the bed across the room.

I have done some separate Instagram Stories showing this, and promised a link to somewhere where you can buy it in the UK.  It was sold out in most places, but I have found it on Ebay.  It isn't expensive and I think all homes should have one.

I will be doing some more videos and blog posts about how I cope with housework/organising etc whilst living with Fibromyalgia and other chronic health conditions.

YouTube - my first video for a while

My first YouTube video for a long time - and I am showing all the stash that was piled up on my crafty table in my last blog post ....

and I nearly missed out the bag of goodies from the CraftWorks !

(Getting this video created and edited has been several hours over several days - and more than once I was very close to giving up entirely!  However, I am stubborn - and didn't want to lose all the video I filmed.  I had purchased a very good video editing software in the past, Filmora, but that was with an old email address, so now I need to try and access my account again.  Therefore, I tried a few different free video editors, but they either had very steep learning curves, or in the case of iMovies on my iPad, I did not have enough storage space left to upload it.  Eventually I found that there is a very good Video Editor on Windows 10, and that saved the day.  This video is 'rough and ready', and I will get more professional as time goes by, but at least you get to see my stash and my craft room.  Getting music to add to just the start and finish titles was a step too far today!  I will also be adding subtitles.)

The Makerss is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Needle Felting - click HERE.  

You can get your very own Edmund Elephant and also a Nativity Scene Advent Calendar Needle Felting Kit from Frankie and Sidney HERE.

Click on the links in the sidebar to go the The Works, Create & Craft and Craft Stash - for lots of crafty stash shopping!  These are all affiliate links, so I will get a few pennies when you shop via my links, which is much appreciated.

11 August 2021

WOYWW 636 - A Lot To Show, but none of it is recent!

Good morning from a slightly drizzly Pembrokeshire.  Since coming back from our weekend in Oxfordshire/Warwickshire (EV Festival at the National Motor Museum on Saturday, followed by shopping in Leamington Spa - found the CraftWorks shop! - and visiting my mum in Banbury a couple of times), I have amazingly been sleeping for at least 8 hours per night.  Thought it was just from being tired from the travelling, but now I am thinking it is because we are keeping Milky the Cat out of the bedroom (she still has an occasional flea on her).  Usually she climbs around on me in the night and wakes me up constantly.  Perhaps my sleep issues were that simple?!  

The main reason for being here on this Wednesday (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) is to share my crafty space.  If you would like to join in, click HERE.

Crafting - I have done nothing since last week.  The piles of new crafty stash have grown, with another delivery from Create & Craft (some scissors and photo corners, which I ordered a while ago).  I will do an unboxing video of it all either today or tomorrow, and then add a link on here.  Here are the piles - plus the bag of goodies from CraftWorks (they had a job vacancy for an Assistant Manager - I would love to work in there!), some of which is presents for grandchildren.  (The jigsaw is the one passed onto me via Cindy.)

These are the cards we made at my last craft workshop - lots of inky/embossing fun (the glorious dark blue is the new Distress Ink, Prize Ribbon).

I will be back to my scrapbooking class on Friday morning, and then another craft workshop on Sunday (with alcohol inks this time).

Finishing off the Ikea Kallax started yesterday evening - and I got half of one of the pegboard inserts done.  Only another 3 to go!

I am not going to promise anything for next week, but hoping that the end wall of my craft room will be finished, all the new stash played with and put away, and the jigsaw started.  However, life is very busy with the last rush to get the rental house renovation finished before the end of the month.  We have ordered the kitchen/worktop/flooring for delivery next week (thank you to Howdens for their exceptional service).  Carpets were measured up for yesterday and paid for, and most will be fitted in 2 weeks time (our fantastic local branch of Carpetright saved the day).  New front door ordered.  The builders and electricians have been there full-time and got a lot done.  Unfortunately, not all will be complete before my stepdaughter needs to move in (stair carpet not arriving until September, plus gas meter needs to be moved outside), but we are still really proud of our progress considering all the delays getting the keys.  If anyone in West Wales needs an incredible builder, then Mark Roberts is your man (he organised the renovation of the Farmhouse and also the Cottage at the farm).  We also have a lot going on with our farm business, so time in my craft room is mainly taken up with work on the computer.

Health update - I do have arthritis in my feet.  I have stretching and foot strengthening exercises to do every day, plus going back to have orthotics fitted soon.  I have to wear either trainers or walking boots (even in the house - I have some house trainers), or my walking sandals in really hot weather.  

One last thing - we are selling Mr T, our campervan.  Would really appreciate it if you could share my blog post on your social media.  We were told that campervans were selling really fast, but I think we have missed the main rush.  He is better equipped than most vans of his size, and will be fantastic for anyone who tours in the winter.  Here is the BLOG POST.

Keep Crafting!

Ali x

Click HERE to go to my Unboxing video.

10 August 2021

Mr T - our fantastic camper van - is for sale *UPDATE - HE HAS GONE TO HIS NEW HOME*


We bought 'Mr T' when he was new - back in December 2014.  Ford Transit Custom LWB, High Top in a very stylish Midnight Grey.  In early 2015 Poppit Campers did a full conversion into a very high spec campervan.  Mr T should also be called the Tardis !!

Whether you are a cyclist or triathlete looking for a vehicle for training trips or events, a dog owner who goes to agility/obedience/dog shows, someone who loves to walk out in the countryside or tour in all weathers, then Mr T would be perfect for you.

Fully winterised - with hot water, heating, heated front seats, hob and grill for hot food.

Equally suitable for hot weather - with the ability to keep the interior temperature steady.  You get a better night's sleep, and any dogs onboard are also kept comfortable.

There is a solar panel on the roof, which is sufficient power on most days, but you can also plug into electric on a campsite.

There is a fridge with small freezer compartment and a sink.

The rear wetroom has a shower (which can be used outside as well), basin and toilet, plus large wardrobe area (which stays warm in the winter as the gas water heater is located there).  It is a great place to have a tub for all your wet/dirty clothes, towels etc.  There are double rear doors, so easy access without going through the main van area.  Pull out the shower and wash down your dogs!

Lots of other storage cupboards, including a large area above the cab.

There are 2 seats up front (both heated - and the passenger one swivels to face the rear), plus an additional folding/removable seat behind (with seatbelt).  There is a table that fits between the front passenger seat and the rear seat, which is a lovely place to sit and dine (with one of the sliding side doors open in good weather) - and an extension to the kitchen work area.

The unique bed goes up and down with an electric motor, and can be folded out to make a double bed, or it can be used as a bunkbed with the seating bench below. 

When the bed is raised up there is plenty of storage inside for bicycles etc, or for a separate travelling area for dogs.  

There is a factory-fitted towbar with stability control, and the van tows really well.

I am not an expert on the technical details, but I do know that it has the largest diesel engine available at that time.  The gearbox is manual.

Although long wheelbase and high top (you can stand up inside), the van still drives very much like a car.  Easy to park and maneouvre (and just about fits into a standard carparking space).

Air conditioning and satnav are two more of the factory-fitted options.

Exceptionally low mileage (less than 24,000).

Just returned from its latest service and ready to go.  The MOT is until the end of November, but we are happy to put a new one on for you.

Here is the link to our AutoTrader advert.  The price is £34,950, but we are open to sensible offers.

These are some of the photos that Poppit Campers took.

Get in touch at aliwade1971@gmail.com if you have any questions, want to see more photos or arrange to view.  We are in beautiful Pembrokeshire - so drive to the end of the M4 and keep going!

04 August 2021

WOYWW 635 - So Much To Show Off

First of all, I admit I am typing this on Tuesday evening (whilst watching Tim Holtz on YouTube).  I have a medical appointment (to see if they can start to diagnose my foot pain) tomorrow morning at 9 am, and then I have errands to do, and our latest house renovation project to visit (kitchen design to work on).  It may well be late in the day before I get a chance to sit down, so thought it better to get it typed and scheduled.

Secondly, I am taking a break from social media.  I need more time to look after myself, the house, business stuff, family moving to the nearby town and, of course, crafting!  I am missing a lot of the Facebook groups I was active in, and my beloved Instagram - but I know I need to try to go 'cold turkey'!  Pinterest and YouTube are still in my life, plus blogs/some forums, so I am still around 'online'.  

I missed last week, as the weather forecast changed and our family, who were in Pembrokeshire for the week, asked if they could spend Wednesday with us, instead of Thursday.  I hadn't seen my 2 granddaughters for over 18 months, so of course we immediately changed our plans.  Here they are on one of our nearby beaches.

I have made a lot of progress with my craft room makeover, but it isn't finished.  Been busy with family, the house renovation and then we found fleas on Milky the Cat.  I have been hoovering every day, plus she has a spot-on flea treatment and twice daily combing.  There hasn't been any spare energy for my craft room!  The good news is that all my hard work means I haven't found any fleas on her today, and the house is very clean.

The bulk of the Ikea Kallax cubes are in place, and I put together the specialist MDF storage for the top row.  I will do a separate blog post detailing it all.  There is also another single row of 4 cubes on top of the right hand side now, and I have pegboard doors for those, so I can display photos etc.  Not sure if I will have it all done by next week, as we are away for a long weekend (trip to Oxfordshire to see my mum and also go to an EV, electric vehicle, event at the Motor Museum at Gaydon).  

I have also had various crafty deliveries recently, including needle felting and sewing goodies, the new Distress Ink colour, the latest Crafters Companion Year of Craft set, and more!  I promise to show it all off soon.

I have been to some craft workshops, and again will do a blog post showing what we made (using heat embossing, stencils ...).

I intend to get round as many blogs as possible on Wednesday, but who knows what the day will throw at me.

Ali x


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