21 July 2021

WOYWW 633 - Doing As Little As Possible

Good morning from a hot and sunny Pembrokeshire.  Surprised that we are in a Heat Warning, as I am sure we get this weather at least once each summer.  It never used to bother me, especially living on the farm (was different when I was travelling in London regularly and would have to avoid the Tube in hot weather - going on buses was so much slower).  However, it must be Menopause, but I am definitely less happy in the really hot sunshine this year, unless there is a good cooling breeze.  Therefore, I am in 'Spanish Daily Routine' - avoiding being out in the sun until later in the day, getting the clothes I normally only wear in Spain out of storage, using Factor 50 sunscreen, wearing a hat and drinking even more water.  I am also doing as little as possible - so housework/gardening/cycling/even crafting can wait until the weekend when the weather breaks.  

I have a mini desktop aircon unit in my craft room (bought it 3 years ago, and obviously it only gets used for a short time each year, but still worth it - cost about £40 from Wilko), and sitting in front of that right now.  Feeling sorry for my hubby who is at a farmers' meeting today up in Carmarthenshire - will be hot as they tour around the fields - and also our vehicle valeter, who is currently doing a full valet on our campervan (which we are selling, as secondhand values are very high right now as there is a huge demand for campervans/caravans).  Hubby had been considering selling it anyway, as he doesn't need such a big van now (he mostly uses hotels when away at cycling events - and I cannot cope with camping anymore), so now is a good time to add to our budget for renovating the rental house.

My photos show the finished scrapbook layout that I started at one of my Friday classes, and finished as part of one of the challenges in the Virtual GoGoGetaway crop last weekend.  I also incorporated a technique I saw in the Christmas Cardmaking Summit last weekend too (only had time to watch a couple of classes, as was following the F1, but have the VIP ticket and have ongoing access to all of the videos.  Therefore, I will watch them in the coming months for more inspiration) - heat embossing on top of texture paste.

At my last Friday class I started on a new mini book - a Winter one!  I will be adding some photos I took of the farm when we last had a frosty morning.

You have seen the inside of the craft shop, this is the marina right outside.  It really is a lovely place.  From September we are having a mixed media class in the afternoon too, so I will be crafting all day on Fridays (and also a fortnightly papercraft class on Sundays at the craft shop in another local town - Haverfordwest).  

Nothing else has been done with my craft room organisation.  I have had the penultimate delivery from Ikea - another 1x4 cube unit with pegboard doors - but leaving that job for a cooler day (and when hubby can help me lift it up).  I have also had the specialist storage inserts for the cubes delivered - 12x12, A4, A5 and dies/stamps.  They are MDF and need putting together.  Also a job for a cooler day when I feel more energised.

Life isn't totally on hold.  We went out and chose the kitchen/flooring for the rental house, and meeting with our builder there later today to finalise the work.  He will be starting this week, and the deadline is by the end of August, so my stepdaughter/grandchildren can move in ready for the start of term.

Keep cool.

Ali x

14 July 2021

WOYWW 632 - Getting There

Good morning from a misty Pembrokeshire (although forecast to be another warm and sunny day, with a heatwave at the weekend).

The title of this post is my answer to most crafty friends right now.  The reorganisation of my craft room has progressed a lot.  However, there is another delivery from Ikea due to arrive next Monday (the additional row of cubes to go across part of the wall, which have the inserts with pegboard doors, so I can display photos etc), and I also have a delivery of specialist MDF storage inserts coming for my papers/cardstock, inkpads, dies and stamps.  I just then need the big old wardrobes to be dismantled and removed from the room.  

I do have some bulky stuff that needs to be kept in this room that will not fit in the cubes, so have a wish list on Ikea with a few different cupboard options.  This will be chosen and ordered once everything else is sorted and I see exactly what my final storage needs are.

It is wonderful to have an expanse of floor in the room, and to have more room to move about.  I have a spare 6' folding table now, so that can be used when I need more table space or if crafty friends are visiting for a crafty session (if any of you are in Pembrokeshire at any time, just let me know).

Here are my photos.

The top cubes without any boxes are where the specialist papercraft inserts are going - and the rough contents are already piled in each.  The extra layer of four cubes will go on top to the right (before the ceiling starts sloping), and again some of the stuff that I hope will fit in them is sitting there patiently.  There will be space to the left and on top to slot in books/ATC folders, some slimline boxes etc.  
I want to fill the whole wall.  

View from the end of the room by the door.  I still have my 2 tables in place, but the crafty table is now up against the wall.  The old trolley is between them (very useful to put my handbag on top, plus guillotine, A3 paper etc on the bottom shelf).  I am planning to get the filing trays into the new cupboard, so that will give me more space to craft.  The whole room feels more light and airy, and easier to clean too.

Regarding photos of new stash and craft workshops, I haven't got round to photographing any of that.  Although I did take photos during the weekly scrapbooking/mixed media construction class that I go to on Friday mornings.  Here are a few.  (Barry the Cat lives on a boat in the marina and likes to visit as often as possible - he wears a harness and his owner attaches a lead when he is out by the water.  He literally has to be dragged out of the shop, as he gets treats and a lot of fuss/games from us crafters!)

I started a scrapbook page, and need to get it finished before Friday.

Barry playing with his 'mouse'.  He was throwing this around the shop.

Yes, the toilet for the shop is also a crafty storage place!

It is very dangerous to hold craft workshops in a craft shop.  The shopping temptation is huge - and she also had the remainder of the stash that was in the charity sale for our friend (I did have another rummage and bought a few more items!).  By the way - over £3000 raised and that is rising.

The shop is on the Marina in Milford Haven.  InHouse Crafts.  Say hello to Cheryl if you are in the area.  Her opening hours do vary, so check on Facebook or with me first.  The Marina is a fantastic place to visit.  Lovely cafes/bars and shopping.  Come on a Friday morning and join in with the class !

Apologies to Julia for the number of photos.  I could have posted a lot more!  I am taking part in 2 online events this week/weekend.  A summit for making 'Holiday Cards' (it is mostly hosted by Americans) and also the monthly virtual crop for GoGo Scrapbooking (in their Facebook group).  There is F1 and the Tour de France to watch, and the weather forecast is for wonderful weather.  I will be torn between sitting outside with my iPad and watching sport or craft videos in the sunshine, or being in my craft room.  I think I will be inside first thing in the morning when it is still cool.  

The link for the Cardmaking Summit is HERE.

If anyone would like to join in with the weekly hop around crafty workspaces that is WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday), go HERE.

Ali x

07 July 2021

WOYWW 631 - Still Living With Piles!

Happy Wednesday from a damp Pembrokeshire.  The fields and garden needed some rain, but it is chilly too - and me and Milky the Cat definitely want some warm sunshine (she is 14, had metal put in her hip after a road accident 11 years ago, and the cold/damp makes her sore like me).

Other lovely crafters will be sharing their crafty workspaces today.  (If you would like to join in, click HERE.)  I cannot do that, as my craft room is still in a state of transition (from old brown bedroom furniture to nice shiny new Ikea Kallax storage).  The 2 old wardrobes (were my hubby's as a child - he is 54) are still in the room, but they have moved to the other wall by the door (they are too heavy for 2 people to carry them downstairs, so they are waiting to be dismantled).

We started putting together the Kallax units yesterday afternoon.  The smaller one (2 x 4 cubes) is done - and looks great.  Hopefully hubby can help with the other one (4 x 4 cubes) later today.  However, he is off into town this morning for a hair cut, followed by helping with the continued clearing of the rental house (more wallpaper stripping and carpet removal), so I might have to wait another day (I am so impatient - I just want to start filling up the cubes!).

In other crafty news - I went to a craft workshop on Sunday afternoon.  We made 3 cards - none of which I have photos of.  I will write a separate blog post eventually.  There were also some boxes of stash for us to shop from (a local crafter was having a destash).  I rummaged through the boxes of treasure and found some stamps, Distress Ink pads, Distress Stickles and an embossing folder.  No photos of our crafting, but I couldn't resist the gorgeous colours on the shop shelves (yes, we do the workshops actually in the craft shop, which could be very dangerous, but I am strong!).  If you are ever in Haverfordwest, then go and see Ben at the shop in Bridge Street (or shop on their website - they often beat the TV prices - click HERE).

On Saturday I went to a Craft Sale (in aid of Macmillans).  Sadly, one of our local crafty ladies died recently and very kindly the contents of her craft room were donated to be sold.  A large hall at the British Legion had to be used, as there was so much stash.  She had every Tattered Lace magazine and all of the dies, plus most of the Hunkydory products, Kanban and a lot more.  A lot was unused.  I went looking for embosssing folders and inkpads, which I did get - but also some stamps, a couple of Tattered Lace magazines (because I loved the dies that came with them), embossed cardstock and some goodies from the £1 table.  It is a shame that we couldn't all have been there, as you would have loved it!  I forgot to take any photos to show how much stash was in the hall.  If anyone is in Pembrokeshire soon, there was still a lot left to sell and that is in the craft shop at Milford Haven Marina - InHouse Crafts.

I will take photos of my new stash and show them off next week.

I have been doing more housework than usual this week so far, and definitely needing a rest - so this morning I will be assembling the plastic boxes that will be in the Kallax cubes.  Done one (which took longer than it should have done) and I am sure the next 11 will be easier!  I also have 6 denim boxes arriving on Friday, which will go on the bottom row.

Progress photos on my Instagram - @aliwadedesigns

Ali x

30 June 2021

WOYWW 630 - All Piled Up

Good morning from a very sunny Pembrokeshire.  Perhaps we will be able to go out without a coat today?  It is Wednesday again and the last day of the month (where did June go?!).  If you would like to join in with this tour around crafty workspaces, click HERE.

My craft room this week is looking very different.  I finally made the decision to order the Ikea Kallax storage that I had been considering for a while (a cube storage system) and my delivery date for most of it is this Friday.  Therefore, I have emptied all of the old 'brown' bedroom furniture that I had been using for over 11 years, and my crafty stash is now piled up in the corner of the room.  The 2 heavy wardrobes are waiting for hubby (and colleagues) to take outside (my stepdaughter is going to have them in the house in Haverfordwest when she moves there in August).

The Kallax will be going up against the end wall.  I have just ordered the ones that are the right height to fit across the room below where the sloping ceiling starts.   That is 24 cubes.  I have ordered 12 white boxes and 6 denim ones (going to get some 'proper' inserts for storing papers etc when my budget allows).  I will then measure again to see how to fill in the 'sloping' top part, and order more cubes for that.  Hopefully by next Wednesday, it will all basically be up and in use.  I am sure it will take some time to get it organised in the best way.

If you wondered where the guinea pigs are, they are now in a fancy new hutch out in a stable on the yard.  It is cooler for them on a hot day (my craft room can get stuffy if the door and windows are shut all day) and the hay/bedding etc is right next to them.  Much easier for me to clean them out and no more dust/hay in my craft room.  I am missing their constant company though.

I am having a busy week partly due to the big craft room clearout.  I went to the tip with a load yesterday and have an appointment to drop lots of bags off at the charity shop this afternoon.  Also sorting out the rental house.  Most of the wallpaper has been stripped.  The greenhouse was taken away (stepdaughter didn't want to use it, and a hazard with the 2 young children).  Our decorator decided that he wouldn't be able to do the work by our deadline, but hubby/colleagues are going to do the internal work and our builder is arranging for the external painting (which will save money - more budget to spend on the kitchen!).  We are going to the kitchen and flooring supplier this week hopefully to choose the styles/colours we want.  I have already chosen Metro tiles for the walls in the kitchen/bathroom/cloakroom etc.  I think they look great - and nice to keep it simple.  If anyone wants to see progress photos, I post regularly on my Instagram @homewithchronicpain.

For those who loved our Renault Twizy, it is now being using around the farm - and we take it for its MOT on Friday.  I have had a drive and been a passenger in the back - "such fun" !!

Ali x

ps  Forgot to add that I have been trialling the HelloFresh boxes for a while, and loving the tasty recipes.  I had some free boxes to give away, and have one left (plus have a code for £20 off).  If anyone wants to try it out, just email me (aliwadedesigns1971@gmail.com).

23 June 2021

WOYWW 629 - 'I did a thing!' - Scrapbooking has started

Happy Wednesday to all the crafters around the world who share a photo(s) of their crafty workspaces.  Click HERE if you would like to join in.

My quote in the title is in reference to my new favourite tv programme - Clarkson's Farm (on Amazon Prime).  Very funny, emotional and even I am learning things about farming.  I spent a lot of my childhood living on a farm just down the road (outside Chipping Norton) and remember riding in the fields.  A beautiful area of Oxfordshire.

I didn't blog last week.  I can't remember exactly why not now (goes to look at Google Calendar).  Ah yes.  It was our 16th Wedding Anniversary and we had a generally busy day with all sorts of stuff, so I was prevented from sitting down to type a blog post.

Our trip to Wiltshire/Oxfordshire/meeting up with Mum was fabulous.  The weather was hot and sunny, we loved our day at Castle Combe race circuit, and the Sunday lunch/woodland walk with Mum was a success.

We have collected the keys to the house we have bought in Haverfordwest, and have had meetings so far with builder, electrician and decorator.  Wallpaper stripping starts tomorrow and we are hopefully meeting with our heating/plumbing guy to get boiler checked and some gas safety work done.  The deadline for getting it all done is by the 3rd week of August, so our grandchildren can start at the local school in September.    Lots of decisions to be made, but it is a lot smaller project than the farmhouse (which took 6 months), so I keep telling myself that we can survive!

My crafty table today shows one of the scrap layouts I did with the GoGoGetaway Crop last weekend (this is their Facebook Live event).  Yes, two photos from Castle Combe and they are already scrapped!  My haul of wood ATCs is piled up there, and just some of the Serif CraftArtist digikits I bought last week.  I had over 250 in all from one lady, and now I am installing them.  (I do have a few that are not my taste, so if anyone is interested in a list, just get in touch - aliwadedesigns1971@gmail.com).  There is also a photo of the crochet rainbow hanging in our porch, which was meant to be scrapped with the 4th and final challenge of that weekend, but I ran out of time.  I am going to get that done this week.

I have already paid my deposits for two of the actual GoGoGetaway hotel weekends next year.  They sell out really quickly (I missed the 2021 dates), so now I can just look forward to weekends in a nice hotel and doing lots of layouts with new friends.

I was meant to be going to a craft workshop this afternoon, but suffering after my 2nd Covid jab yesterday (very sore arm and some mild flu symptoms), so have postponed that to another day.  On Friday morning I am going to my first scrapbooking group meeting, so all go with my crafty calendar.

Hope everyone is well.

Ali x

ps  I have come back to add a thank you to both Diane and Susan for their lovely ATCs and postcards - all received safely and now displayed in my 'display area'.

09 June 2021

WOYWW 627 - Dachshund Pyrography ATC

Good morning from a drizzly and grey Pembrokeshire.  This was forecast, so I am not surprised or annoyed that the sunshine has gone.  My health took a turn for the worse yesterday (no clear reason why, as is often the case) and I am resting in preparation for going away this weekend, so I am going to be doing as little as possible today.  Our 16th wedding anniversary is next week, so I looked around for somewhere to go.  Castle Combe Race Circuit has its Big Race Day on Saturday, so I booked tickets for that (both me and hubby love motorsport).  Managed to get a room in one of the posh country house hotels nearby for Friday night, and then we move onto a pub near Swindon for the Saturday night (and if I have any energy left, we will go to the Designer Outlets for some shopping - we went there 2 years ago and loved it).  Meeting my mum for lunch on Sunday and then home (not seen her since July last year).

I will admit my crafty table is currently clean and empty, so I am showing a photo from a couple of days ago when I was busy getting my first wood ATC finished.  I used my pyrography tool (and inspiration from Pinterest) to 'draw' the dachshunds, and then a Posca paint pen to add the colour.  Quite simple and very satisfying.  Ordered some more ATC wood blanks - plain and fancy - to do more projects this year.

A couple of photos to show the 2 new additions to our EV (electric vehicle) family.  My BMW i3, which is utterly fantastic - very comfortable to drive.  Now I am starting to go out on trips by myself again (weekly scrapbooking classes start again next week, and fortnightly papercraft classes), I needed a smaller car of my own.  Then hubby found a Renault Twizy for use on the farm (and for local errands - I will be stealing it to go to the farm shop up the road!) and collected it from Hertfordshire last week.  It is tiny and very cute (and, yes, there are no doors!).

The sunshine will be back for the weekend and next week we will have the keys for the investment property we are buying in the local town (only taken 6 months to complete the purchase!), so all is good in this corner of West Wales.

Ali x

02 June 2021

WOYWW 626 - all sorts of crafty goings-on

Morning from a very wet Pembrokeshire (the promised rain is here, which is good for the garden and the farm, but not so good for hubby who is out collecting a car from Hertfordshire - a 5 hour drive each way).  I have loved this warm/sunny weather over the weekend, but sort-of glad that now I can get on with stuff in my craft room and around the house.

My first IRL papercraft workshop for over a year went really well.  We had our own areas to work in, well spaced out.  It is actually in the craft shop, so surrounded by temptation!  The workshops are held when the shop is closed, so noone wandering around looking over our shoulders as they used to.  I spent the whole of the workshop with the guinea pig stamp set catching my eye.  I had to buy it!!  You can also see on my crafty table two cards I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo, and also a couple of stencils (I used the plastic file divider-thingies, which is thin plastic but works ok).  

We made these 2 cards, which I am going to use on scrapbook/journal pages.

We have had lots of lovely trips out - for walks/meals/icecreams/meeting friends/cycling.  Yesterday we went to Barry to take stepdaughter/2 of our grandchildren for an afternoon out at the National Trust Dyffryn Gardens.  Beautiful place and the kids loved the space/plants/natural play area  (lots of picking up of leaves/pine cones etc).  Definitely recommend going there if you are in that area.

Time to go and sort out some laundry/get the hoover out.

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Ali x


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